Hajimari no Kiseki Spreadsheet Translation

Spreadsheet Translation Download Overlay Program Combat Spreadsheet Version History Last Update: Aug. 25, 2021 Contents NEW: Project TyrfingFull main story ExtraChapter + 30 Group Mission Scenes25/25 episodes, including 3 Lore Episodes C7 and SSS Beach/VR EventsMagical Alisa (3 Chapters)Active voices, sub events, important NPCsS-Craft lines, Character summon lines All Trial Doors Cold Steel Subs: Hajimari... Continue Reading →

Hajimari Spreadsheet Notes

Some spoiler-free thoughts and announcements as we work on the spreadsheet! 9/27/2020: Release Date: Wednesday, 9/30/2020! We're finally there! We're working through some translation checks and editing still. All episodes are translated, though they might not all be edited by Wednesday. That said, we'll be posting the Translation and Combat spreadsheets and the ColdSteelSubs: Hajimari... Continue Reading →

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