Kuro no Kiseki Overlay PC Version

Good morning everyone, we’re here with a quick announcement regarding the overlay.

The overlay team has put together a version of the overlay that will work with the PC Version of Kuro no Kiseki, releasing on July 28th. As always, the overlay will require you to own the game and is a separate program you will run on top. Functionally it should be the same as the Hajimari PC Overlay, just with the addition of the Kuro Overlay‘s features. I’ve linked to both of those posts in case you need a refresher on what exactly that entails.

The PS5 edition is also releasing in Japan on the same day, with a digital upgrade available to owners of the original game for only 110 yen, less than a dollar. If anyone’s looking to replay the game before Crimson Sin drops, now’s looking like a good time.

Whether it’s your first time playing or your final replay as you go for the platinum, we appreciate the fact that people are still enjoying using the Kuro no Kiseki Spreadsheet.

Thank you for reading this post. The newest version of the overlay is available here.

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