Kuro no Kiseki Spreadsheet Translation

Version History

Last Update: Apr. 4, 2022
  • Full main story
  • All connect events
  • All film events
  • All intermission events
  • All choices for all sidequests
  • Alternating dialogue based on route
  • Active voices, sub events, all important NPCs, many minor NPCs
Cold Steel Subs: Kuro Overlay: v4.01 (Apr. 9, 2022)
Latest Changes
  • UI Overhaul
  • Dropdown for selecting navigation type no longer blocking options
  • Text locking now hides the text gradient
  • Text position now saves properly when moving it
  • There is a new text file called AutoUpdate in ColdSteelSubs_Data, setting override to 1 in the file will forcibly disable auto update.
  • Alternating dialogue based on route
  • Active voices, sub events, all important NPCs, many minor NPCs

Overlay Tutorial Video

Overlay Overview

The Zerofield Team would like to introduce the new and improved: Cold Steel Subs: Kuro! Before we get started, here’s a list of what you’ll need play the game with our tool.

  • A Playstation 4, Playstation 4 Pro, or Playstation 5
  • A copy of Kuro no Kiseki! Digital, or Physical works.
  • A computer. Windows or a Mac with Wine, and 4gb RAM Min.
  • PlayStation Remote Play, or a Capture Card. (Elgato, for example)

Here are some of the key features that are in this build:

  • The Kuro Translation Spreadsheet is built into the app’s structure so no need to download it or view it outside of the app.
  • Swap between chapters, events, and sidequests.
  • Jumps integrated into the main story and sidequests to allow you to jump between them without losing your place.
  • The ability to jump to your alignment choice in sidequests with the same button used to input the choice in-game.
  • Full Integration with Combat Sheet. Items/Accessories/Quartz/Arts & Arts Drivers/Crafts/Shard Skills/Hollow Cores all included.
  • Application’s UI autoscales to most resolutions including ultrawide.
  • Tooltips that can be turned on and off at will.
  • Hiding of text while frozen.
  • Movable Text Dialogue via WASD controls.
  • Increase/Decrease of text printing speed.
  • Resize Text to be bigger or smaller depending on your personal preferences.

Default App Controls:

  • Tab – Show menus
  • X – Advance Text
  • ▢ – Jump to connecting point in sidequest or main story
  • △/O/X/▢ – Jump to the associated choice in a diverging scene
  • L2 – Go back one line
  • R2 – Advance one line
  • Left Stick Press (L3) – Freeze Text
  • WASD – Move text to custom location

Resources (Thank you to ShiningConcepts!):


  • (NEW) Q: How do I refresh the sheet?
    • A: Please ensure you have “Auto Refresh” enabled and restart the program to refresh the sheet.
  • (NEW) Q: This jump is broken! It’s taking me to the wrong line!
    • A: Please ensure that you did not scroll the text back onto a choice prompt, as this can cause odd behavior from the overlay program. If you encounter any dysfunctional jumps within the overlay, please jump to a line or two before the prompt, restart the program, and try again. If the jump continues not to function, it is possible it is a formatting error. In that case, please contact milliumman@gmail.com and he will look into the issue.
  • (NEW) Q: How exactly do all these new jump features work?
    • A: They should be mostly self-explanatory. Simply press the button corresponding to your choice when the prompt appears. For more details, please view the video included above.
  • (NEW) Q: The overlay is detecting my controller, but not reading my inputs!
    • A: The first thing to check is always whether or not you have the overlay in focus. If you do and it still refuses to read them, ensure you don’t have a second controller plugged into your computer, as the overlay may be trying to read its inputs instead of the controller you’re intending to use.
  • (NEW) Q: What’s the deal with the new “AutoUpdate” file?
    • Q: This is for cases where people are getting stuck with importing the translation and the FAQ solutions are not working. For people going this route who want the latest sheet make sure you manually download both the main spreadsheet and combat sheet and put them in ColdSteelSubs_Data. Name the main sheet “Custom” and the combat sheet “CombatSheet”. Do not remove this file or it will cause issues.
  • Q: After updating, the app is hanging/crashing when importing the translation!
    • A: This shouldn’t be needed for most people, but if this happens you may have to clear you ColdSteelSubs registry entry:
      • If you are in the middle of a main story chapter, write down the line number you are on as this process will cause your ColdSteelSubs program to forget it
      • In the Windows search bar type “regedit” and hit Enter
      • On the list of folder in the left bar, click on “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” then “Software” then “ZeroField” then right click on “ColdSteelSubs”
      • Right Click on the folder named “ColdSteelSubs” and click “Delete”, then Yes to confirm
      • Re-lauch the application – it should load with default settings.
  • Q: Why isn’t the app downloading successfully?
    • A: Your firewall may be blocking the download. Please ensure that Windows firewall is set to allow downloads from the source.
  • Q: When I open the program, it is stuck at “Loading Translation.” How come?
    • A: This is most often caused by language locale. If your computer is set to a language other than English, try switching the language and the region to English.
  • Q: How come the Overlay isn’t transparent?
    • A: When launching the application, please let it fully load. It can glitch and lose its transparency if you alt tab or multitask while it loads.
    • (NEW) Also, NVIDIA Control Panel can stop the transparency from working correctly. If you weren’t multitasking when loading the app and still got a transparency issue, try clearing your global NVIDIA Settings.
  • Q: Why are my commands not working?
    • A: Please make sure the Overlay is the primary application.
  • Q: How come we didn’t spoiler tag certain characters in combat data sheets?
    • A: We had a strict time table across multiple teams to release this in the time frame that we did, and to release it all together. We decided as a team to move forward in this direction to get it into your hands sooner.
  • Q: Are there minimum system requirements?
    • A: The application has been tested with as little as 4GB minimum RAM. It is functional, but for optimal performance we recommend 8GB or greater.
  • Q: Can I run this on my Mac computer?
    • A: Tested on a 2019 MacBook Pro running Wine and it worked fine. Your mileage may vary, we had a single mac to test on.
  • Q: Help! I tried to run the application but it doesn’t load.
    • A: If the application doesn’t load and when you try to open it again, it says it is running already, then please cancel the process in Task Manager(Ctrl+Alt+Del) and try again.
  • (NEW) Q: I’ve encountered an issue with the latest build. Is it possible to get an old build of the overlay?
    • A: Yes! Version 4.0 is available for download here.

Spreadsheet Team

Project Leaders & Main Translators:
  • Corey “Millium Man”
  • Kitsune547
Side Content Translation:
  • Ves
  • Cog Gear Omega
  • pilter
  • Kofi
  • Hansuke
  • ONY
  • PizzaFrog
  • Cog Gear Omega
Text Capture:
  • RenneTime
  • Xmas
  • February Night
  • Scotty
Special Thanks:
  • Kenziexe, Zero Field Logo Design
  • Harry John Stevens, Testing
  • NuuLeo, Romanization Reference
  • SoulSigmoidNova

Overlay and Combat Sheet Team

Overlay Devs
  • Artii
  • Xoliver
Combat Spreadsheet
  • Fayt
  • Solis


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