Hajimari no Kiseki Spreadsheet Translation

Version History

Spreadsheet Updated: Sept. 29, 2020
  • Full main story
  • 18/18 episodes
  • Active voices, sub events, important NPCs
  • S-Craft lines, Character summon lines
Cold Steel Subs: Hajimari Overlay: v2.2 (10/19/2020)
  • NEW: Add support for new content
  • Error checking added to prevent crashes during loads
  • Remove gradient when text locked

New Content Tracker

ETC:Oct. 22
Translated (ExtraChapter): 1641/1641 Lines (100%) + 30 Group Mission scenes
Translated (Episodes): 7/7 Episodes (3412/3412 lines)
Translated (Class VII Beach Event): Complete (Scenario and 11/11 Date events, 1035/1035 lines)
Translated (SSS Beach Event): 626/626 Lines (100.0%)
Translated (Magical Alisa): 814/814 Lines (100.0%)

Overlay Tutorial Video

Overlay Overview

The Zerofield Team would like to introduce: Cold Steel Subs: Hajimari! Before we get started, here’s a list of what you’ll need play the game with our tool.

  • A Playstation 4, or Playstation 4 Pro(Required for 60 FPS)
  • A copy of Hajimari no Kiseki! Digital, or Physical works.
  • A computer. Windows or a Mac with Wine, and 4gb RAM Min.
  • PS4 Remote Play, or a Capture Card. (Elgato, for example)

Here are some of the key features that are in this build:

  • Hajimari Translation Spreadsheet is Built into the app’s structure so no need to download it or view it outside of the app.
  • Swap between chapters and episodes, never losing your place in the story.
  • Full Integration with Combat Sheet. Items/Accessories/Quartz/Master Quartz/Crafts/Brave Orders.
  • Application’s UI autoscales to most resolutions including ultrawide.
  • Tooltips that can be turned on and off at will.
  • Hiding of text while frozen.
  • Movable Text Dialogue via WASD controls.
  • Increase/Decrease of text printing speed.
  • Resize Text to be bigger or smaller depending on your personal preferences.

Default App Controls:

  • Tab – Show menus
  • X – Advance Text
  • L2 (on the Playstation controller) – Go back one line
  • R2 (on the Playstation controller)- Advance one line
  • Left Stick Press (on the Playstation controller) – Freeze Text
  • WASD – Move text to custom location


  • Q: (NEW) Why isn’t the app downloading successfully?
    • Your firewall may be blocking the download. Please ensure that Windows firewall is set to allow downloads from the source.
  • Q: (NEW) When I open the program, it is stuck at “Loading Translation.” How come?
    • A: This is most often caused by language locale. If your computer is set to a language other than English, try switching the language and the region to English.
  • Q: How come the Overlay isn’t transparent?
    • A: When launching the application, please let it fully load. It can glitch and lose its transparency if you alt tab or multitask while it loads.
    • (NEW) Also, NVIDIA Control Panel can stop the transparency from working correctly. If you weren’t multitasking when loading the app and still got a transparency issue, try clearing your global NVIDIA Settings.
  • Q: Why are my commands not working?
    • A: Please make sure the Overlay is the primary application.
  • Q: How come we didn’t spoiler tag certain characters in combat data sheets?
    • A: We had a strict time table across multiple teams to release this in the time frame that we did, and to release it all together. We decided as a team to move forward in this direction to get it into your hands sooner.
    • Also note that C’s identity is never stated in the combat overlay.
  • Q: Are there minimum system requirements?
    • A: The application has been tested with as little as 4GB minimum RAM. It is functional, but for optimal performance we recommend 8GB or greater.
  • Q: Can I run this on my Mac computer?
    • A: Tested on a 2019 MacBook Pro running Wine and it worked fine. Your mileage may vary, we had a single mac to test on.
  • Q: Help! I tried to run the application but it doesn’t load.
    • A: If the application doesn’t load and when you try to open it again, it says it is running already, then please cancel the process in Task Manager(Ctrl+Alt+Del) and try again.

Spreadsheet Team

  • Ves
  • Corey “Millium Man”
  • Hansuke
  • Kofi
  • pilter
  • #1 Randy Simp
  • PizzaFrog
  • Cog Gear Omega
Text Capture:
  • Logan “Renne Simp”
  • GD_Anon
  • February Night
  • Xmas

Overlay and Combat Sheet Team

Overlay Devs
  • Artii
  • Xoliver
Combat Spreadsheet
  • Fayt
  • Solis


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