Hajimari Spreadsheet Notes

Some spoiler-free thoughts and announcements as we work on the spreadsheet!


Release Date: Wednesday, 9/30/2020!

We’re finally there! We’re working through some translation checks and editing still. All episodes are translated, though they might not all be edited by Wednesday. That said, we’ll be posting the Translation and Combat spreadsheets and the ColdSteelSubs: Hajimari overlay program on Wednesday!

Any episodes we don’t get edited by then, as well as the beach events, minigames, and the new content from this week’s update, will be added over time during October, most likely in small updates. The front page of the site will soon become a tracker for the remaining content so keep an eye on it!

DISCLAIMER: This is a fan project and the translations will contain plenty of mistakes and awkward wording. If you spot errors, please contact me directly at kitsune547@gmail.com anytime and I’ll get them fixed right away, thank you so much! For Overlay or Combat Spreadsheet issues, contact OverlayDevs@gmail.com

Once again, I can’t stress enough that the only reason we were able to pull this off in a month is because of the incredible teams working on this effort. I’m blown away and humbled by their dedication.

9/23/2020: More amazing sample images from ColdSteelSubs: Hajimari with Combat Spreadsheet integrated. Doesn’t this look great!? HUGE thanks to the ColdSteelSubs team!!


Target release date: Week of 9/27/2020!!

The editors, ColdSteelSubs team, and Combat Spreadsheet team all believe that we should be ready sometime during the week of 9/27 for a joint release of the first version of everything! This is just a target though, it could absolutely slip!

Included: Entire main story (all optional TRC dialog, many NPCs/optional conversations, all active voices, all optional events, 10 out of 18 episodes)

Not included yet: Beach events, minigames, a few lines in the TRC from characters that are summoned, 8 original episodes, new episodes and Extra Chapter from the 10/1 game update.

We will add the new/unfinished content over time in October.


Main story clear!!

There are a few hundred lines of dialog post-credits that I’ll be doing tomorrow, and then the main story will be at 100%

Wow!! I never rank games right after beating them, but I really loved the finale. Tio had some awesome moments to shine! And the end of the story was fantastic for everyone, so I couldn’t ask for much more.

Once I finish up the extra lines tomorrow, I’ll be switching gears to translate the four episodes Tio appears in, and I’m thinking that will put us pretty close to our first target of half the episodes done for the first release! (The rest of the team has been working super hard on other episodes too!)


Final dungeon – start!

Might not look like a lot of progress from yesterday, but I had to spend this evening finishing the TRC and all the optional bosses and getting fully geared up. I’ll be starting the final dungeon tomorrow!

Also, the Overlay program is officially in the Testing phase now! The Cold Steel Subs team has also integrated a tutorial into the program directly, so if you’ve never played this way before it’ll be easier than ever! We intend to line up the release of the first version of the spreadsheet (all main story and 50% of existing episodes) with the Overlay application, and we should be getting pretty close to settling on a target date!


Pretty far into the final chapter now! I’ll be honest, I wasn’t as excited about Chapter 4 as Chapter 3, but WOW the first part of the final chapter blew me away, SO much hype, like Azure levels of hype that I felt during the Prologue!! (And some amazing Tio scenes too!)

Sadly tomorrow is my last full day of translating until next weekend, but I’ll be making progress after work during the week too! We’re on the home stretch!

Sample of the new Cold Steel Subs: Hajimari overlay program:

Cold Steel Subs: Hajimari will be released with the posting of the spreadsheet!
  • Game must be running on PS4 and viewed on a Windows PC using PS4 RemotePlay or a capture card.
  • Automatically downloads the latest versions of the translation spreadsheet and combat spreadsheet
  • Episodes will appear in the chapter drop down to easily jump to their translation
  • Moving back from episodes to main story will be seamless
  • The Combat Spreadsheet (items, quartz, master quartz, etc.) will be viewable right in the overlay! (More on this soon)


Chapter 4 Complete!


Episodes are fully captured now, totaling 6131 lines. The progress bar will continue to show progress on the main story only. Several others on the team are translating episodes already; once I finish the main story I’ll switch over and do the ones that have Tio in them (and a few others too), and we’ll try to have around half of them done before we post the first release.


Chapter 3 complete!

Actually I’m well into Chapter 4 by now. Took the week off so I’ve been making a lot of progress, plus the editors are playing slightly behind me editing as they go!

Admittedly my motivation dropped a bit after I finished Lloyd chapter 3 after I finished one of the main (and absolutely incredible) Tio scenes. But I heard she does plenty of cool stuff in the last part of the game so I’m hyped again and moving quick!

Plus the fact that the story has just been SO good in every route! I can’t really rank them at all, every route is tremendous in its own way, and entirely important to the overall story. (And each route has its own flaws too!)

There are a few others who are hard at work on episode translations now too, so hopefully by the time the main story is done, about half of them will already be translated! I think we’ll probably post our first release when the main story and about half the (original) episodes are done and edited, and then update the spreadsheet with the other episodes (including new ones) and the other side content, sometime afterwards. But this is just what I’m thinking now so it could change; I’ll post more when we get closer 🙂


Chapter 2 complete!


Did a ton of lines tonight. The percentage didn’t go up much because we found we hadn’t captured a LOT of text in the TRC at the end and we absolutely plan on including it. We’re pretty confident we have almost the entire main story captured and accounted for now, so 19.7k lines should be the total.

Also, we’ve been doing a lot of NPCs/unmarked extra dialog along the way too! Not every single NPC but a pretty good number of them will be included!


Chapter 1 完了!

Also just a quick note that the total number of main story lines is going to increase by 1-2k because we are doing a lot of the extra TRC dialog, some NPC dialog and other text that wasn’t captured before. It’ll make the % complete go down but it’s definitely something we want everyone to be able to read!


One quick update for this morning – text capture of the main story is complete at 17207 lines. That might seem short, but you have to realize that this game has a LOT less filler than any other trails game I’ve ever played. The pacing is just so good. I think the game will end up being comparable to Zero in length with all the episodes included, not quite as long as Ao or CS3/4.

There’s a lot more to capture in terms of episodes and they are still adding side content, so I’ll be using the progress bar to just indicate progress on the main story translation.

Since it’s a full work week, progress will definitely slow wayy down until Friday. But I took off the week of Sept. 7, to basically play full time…


Finished Lloyd’s route for Chapter 1 and I’m well into Rean’s. I am LOVING this game. It’s so incredibly good. I don’t want to spoil anything but you are in for a serious treat.

We made SO much progress in just one weekend! The entire main story will be captured in the next day or two, and the episodes are well underway as well. Having everything captured makes the translation go so much faster. Even after studying Japanese for over 10 years there are still plenty of Kanji I don’t know, so being able to look up words on the spot is invaluable.

Hopefully we can post an actual percent complete in the next few days, once text capture is complete! And I think the plan as of now will be to release the spreadsheet once the main story is complete, along with the episodes that we’ve gotten through by then, and we’ll add more of the episodes over time.


Game Start!

And prologue done! That was the best prologue in any Trails game, it’s not even a contest. Can’t put a percent complete just yet but the text capture guys are going to be done in no time at this rate so we should have a total line count soon!


Text capture is well underway, at this rate they’ll have the main story captured before we even start translating! But I’ve got a week of work off the week after next so I can make some serious progress.

ColdSteelSubs: Hajimari is going to be awesome! Xoliver and Artii are working on some big interface updates and other neat features.


My physical copy of Hajimari has shipped from Japan and is due in on Monday, Aug. 31! I’ll be translating starting then.

I wanted to take a moment to say that I am really sickened about the news of some of the bullying or harassment some people in the community are capable of, even sometimes in my name. Please stop – it’s making me less motivated to work on this and it’s really unfair to everyone.

This has been a really hard few days for me but much more so for the person enduring this. Let’s just enjoy these amazing games together!

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  1. Wow I remember using the Cold Translation software and it was very basic. This is some major overhaul I never expected. Looking forward to this when it’s done!


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