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So this is how a person becomes an adult… (Tio) [Trails Series Famous Quotes]

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 Part of a series of famous quotes from Nihon Falcom’s famous Trails series.

 This article is centered around a famous quote said by Tio Plato, one of the heroines of Trails from Zero and Trails to Azure. While Tio is normally very cool, collected, and mature in nature, in this moment she lost her typical composure and actually acted her age.

*Note that there are spoilers for both Crossbell Games in this article*

“So this is how a person becomes an adult…”
(Tio Plato)

●Chapter 3: Quickening: Carnival of Beasts (Trails to Azure/Trails to Azure Evolution)

 While completing all sorts of support requests, the Special Support Section received a request from Michelam Wonderland, Crossbell’s theme park lauded as the best in the continent.

 The request entailed Lloyd dressing up as the park’s mascot character Mishy. And so, Lloyd ended up putting on the Mishy suit and becoming Mishy for the day.

 Seeing this, Tio took action without a moment’s delay. A peerless Mishy maniac, Tio dressed up as Mishy’s younger sister Mishette and offered Lloyd her support. In fact, as Lloyd wasn’t exactly a Mishy expert, he was grateful for the help.

  • ▲If he really was to become Mishy, anything short of perfection would not be tolerated. Tio’s serious expression gave off this determination.

  • ▲Lloyd and Tio strolling (patrolling) MWL after he became Mishy. Overflowing with her love for Mishy, Tio kept blurting out things like “Mishy can heal anything” or “Here’s how Mishy should walk.”

 At the very end, a dance show was held for the spectators. After delivering the signature phrase, “Enjoy, Mishy!” perfectly, they returned to the waiting room, dripping with sweat. Overtaken by emotion and a sense of accomplishment, they waited for the real Mishy actor.

 Full of shock, Lloyd and Tio witnessed a middle aged man put on the Mishy costume at his locker. And what happened next? He transformed into Mishy himself, completely convincing, without a shadow of a doubt.

  • ▲Lloyd’s heart screamed out with all its might. How to put it, he had imagined a more… soothing person instead. Right.

 Lloyd, Tio, and the others returned to the city from MWL. Having endured quite the shock in the dressing room, Tio had been staring off blankly into space, emitting a rather lonely vibe. And then, with a sad voice, staring off into the direction of Mishelam, she muttered,

“So this is how a person becomes an adult, huh…”

  • ▲She’s in the same state of mind as a young girl who finds out Santa is really her dad…

A Second Support Request from MWL

●Chapter 4: The Fate of Crossbell (Trails to Azure Evolution)

 Later, tragedy struck Crossbell when the Red Constellation jaeger Corps attacked the city. After that, the staff of MWL submitted another Support Request. This was depicted in a quest added for the Vita Evolution version.

 All of Crossbell was dark and gloomy. So the request involved a special Mishy and Mishette Charity Event that was being organized to lift everyone’s spirits and bring back the smiles of the children. And so, once again, Lloyd and Tio donned their respective outfits.

  • ▲Tio experienced trauma here before. She proclaims that Mishy is Mishy, and there really is no one inside.

 And so once again, Tio, clad in the Mishette costume, started gushing with her love for Mishy. She’s normally so cool and collected, so when she’s in this state it really leaves quite an impression. Going forward, she strictly coached Lloyd in the choreography and they performed their dance in front of the spectators.

  • ▲”Mishy is always perfect!” Tio put pressure on Lloyd, who was quite nervous about the dance. She was filled with joy at being able to pull off the dance of her beloved Mishy and Mishette.

 After the event concluded, while in the dressing room, a staff member came by to present them with a token of thanks for their help. without thinking Tio almost jumped at him in anticipation.

  • ▲Sparkle in her eyes, Tio wonders what kind of Mishy merch she’s about to get. However…

 Unfortunately, however, the Mishy merch had all been damaged in an accident, and the staff member had come to apologize.

  • ▲After how excited she was for new Mishy merch, Tio desparately clings on to her hope but…

 So hopeful for new merch, her hope turned into despair. We’ll never forget her sparkling eyes when she was so full of hope.

  • ▲With a “bang” (that we can actually hear), her expression of despair is displayed so clearly. It really does make you think, “Wow, the world really is cruel.”

 And so, that concludes our report on our little Mishy-lover, Tio, and her famous quote, “So this is how a person becomes an adult…”

 But her love for Mishy is shown in Trails of Cold Steel as well, like in the imperial capital during the Summer Festival when she screams out “Randy, this is an incident!” Or when she and Jingo, the young girl from Neinvalli, cry out in unison as they cheer for Mishy. The Trails series is all about lore through everyday events and conversations, so make sure to pay attention to those scenes as well.

Bonus (Trails of Cold Steel IV)

  • ▲”Enjoy Mishy!!!” Tio and Jingo scream in perfect unison. This scene is full of the passion of two people who share such a strong common interest.
  • ▲In Trails of Cold Steel IV, one of the troupe members of Arc en Ciel had been working as the Mishy actor. However, during the final chapter, the nostalgic middle aged man from long before made his appearance once again. Rean and company were quite surprised at the actor’s boisterous laugh, which was totally out of character for Mishy.

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※Images from PS Vita The Legend of Heroes, Trails to Azure Evolution and Trails of Cold Steel IV, -THE END OF SAGA-
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英雄伝説 零の軌跡

  • メーカー: 日本ファルコム
  • 対応機種: PSP
  • ジャンル: RPG
  • 発売日: 2010年9月30日
  • 希望小売価格: 6,090円(税込)

英雄伝説 零の軌跡 Evolution

  • メーカー: 角川ゲームス
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  • ジャンル: RPG
  • 発売日: 2012年10月18日
  • 希望小売価格: 6,090円(税込)

英雄伝説 零の軌跡:改

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  • ジャンル: RPG
  • 発売日: 2020年4月23日
  • 希望小売価格: 3,980円+税

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